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Natural Skills Assessment

Every action we take in our career, whether it’s how you approach a task, the role you play in a team, or how you respond to feedback, is driven by your nature. Understanding your natural skills will help you optimize the use of them, and ultimately advance your career to the next level. We’ve uncovered six categories of skills that exist in the world. What are yours? Take the Skills Assessment.

“The world doesn’t care what you know. What the world cares about is what you can do with what you know.”

Tony Wagner
Harvard University


of people aren’t self-aware about their career needs

Global Leadership Academy

Nurtured Values Assessment

Everyone has a unique mix of needs for their career, based on how they were raised. Some people care about work-life balance, others strive for advancements and recognition. If these values are met, individuals feel fulfilled and motivated by their careers. If they aren’t, they become dissatisfied and disengaged. Understanding your needs helps you choose an industry and company that’s a better fit for you. What are your values? Take the Values Assessment.

Two Things Drive Your Behaviour

There’s nature, which determines the areas you’re good at and the activities that don’t come natural to you. Understand your natural mix of abilities by taking our Skills Assessment.

And there’s nurture, which drives your character traits, values, and what motivates you each day. Discover your unique mix of career needs by taking our Values Assessment.

Joel Nicholson
Founder, GLA

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